Dentist Katy, TX

The BEST Invisalign Deal!

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*Prepay in full to receive a 5% discount (Lowest Price of $3,610) and insurance payments would be reimbursed back to the patient. In-office and third party payment plans are available.

Best Price and Best Reviews

Regret not using Invisalign?

Are you unhappy with smile direct club, byte, candid or other clear aligner companies? Invisalign is the original clear aligner system with the most advanced technology and data to ensure a more predictable outcome. If you recently tried a different aligner system and had unhappy results contact us today to see how we can fix your smile!

Great Bundle at a Great Price

If you are considering Invisalign with another provider, you should ask about these potential additional costs. We offer the best all-inclusive deal, as it includes all of the following.

With our cost the following is included:

  • Initial Consult
  • Data collection (photos, impression/scans, x-rays)
  • Initial set of aligners and any refinement/correction aligners
  • Set of regular retainers
  • Kor Whitening Gel