Dental Savings Plan

Dentist Katy, TX

Dental Savings Plan

For Patients Without Insurance Coverage

At Mason Park Dentistry, we understand that not everyone in Katy has access to dental insurance. But that should not prevent you from receiving quality dental care at an affordable price! That’s why we’ve started an annual membership plan for our patients. If you’re without insurance but still want to improve or maintain your oral health, this plan will cover all your basic needs.

The plan includes two exams and two cleanings per year from our team here at Mason Park Dentistry. It also provides discounts on all our standard procedures, including dental crowns, periodontics, and veneers. Unlike many insurance providers, we don’t have any pre-authorization requirements and don’t disqualify anyone due to pre-existing conditions. We want everyone in Katy to feel welcome at our practice, regardless of their current financial or medical situation. Give yourself something to smile about. Sign up today!

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